Best Video Game Athlete of All Time

Best Tag Team of All-Time


Worst Gimmick of All-Time


Best WWE/NXT Theme Song

of 2017

"The Phenomenal One"

A.J. Styles

"Charlie Hustle"

Best Athlete Turned Actor

Best Theme Song from the 1980s


Jim Brown

Best Baseball Stadium Food of 2015

Best to Never Win a WWF/WWE/WCW/ECW Heavyweight Title - 2016

Best NBA Uniform

The Ultimate Warrior

Best NXT Theme Song from 2019


Best Wrestler Born in every State, Province, or Country (2019)

Best Female Athlete of All-Time

The Gobbledy Gooker

Best Theme Song of All-Time


Detroit Coney Pizza

(Comerica Park - Detroit)

Tommaso Ciampa

Hot Seat Winners

Best Sports Rivalry

Best Sports Nickname of All-Time

BBQ Stuffed Baked Potato

(Minute Maid Park - Houston)

Best Baseball Stadium Food of 2016

Best Lightweight Wrestler of All-Time

(220lb or less ) - 2018

Best NFL Uniform

Duke vs. North Carolina Basketball

Best Heavyweight Champion of All-Time


Best Survivor Series Team of All-Time

(November) 2017

The Road Warriors / 

The Legion of Doom

The Four Horsemen

Carne Asada French Fries

(Petco Park - San Diego)

Best Baseball Stadium Food of 2017

Team WWF (2001)

Best Major League Baseball Uniform

"The Glamazon"

Beth Phoenix

Best Female Wrestler of All-Time


Best Stable of All-Time


"Tearing Apart the Sports World since 2010"

Finn Balor

Hottest Female Athlete

Babe Didrikson Zaharias

"The American Dream"

Dusty Rhodes

"Stone Cold"

​Steve Austin

"The Nature Boy"

Ric Flair